Plant based science

We have an array of services to provide efficient solutions that will fight climate change. 

Our solutions are based on capturing carbon by growing plants and transforming them into viable applications such as housing, bioplastics or biocomposites. 

This ensures the carbon is stored in the soil or in materials such as hempcrete. You can find out more below about the services we offer.

Construction and Natural Building

We can help you with your building and construction needs offering the following services.

Building and Materials Consulting
Plan, Design and Engineering
Building and Construction
Training and Workshops

Research and Development

Necessity is the mother of invention. Our research team can help you develop new products based on plant materials.

We specialize in the fields of natural building materials, bioplastics, biocomposites and advanced carbons.

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Regenerative Cultivation

We must transition from the use of certain products, applications and methodologies that have been used to enhance the production of agricultural fields, which in turn have been toxic and pollutant for the environment and humans, towards less carbon and soil intensive agricultural methods.

We can help you incorporate crop rotation of crops like hemp, to help bioremediate, or just simply protect the soil, capture carbon and enhance microbiology for the improvement of the following crops.

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Processing and Transformation of Natural Fibres

Got Fibre? We have over 10 years of experience working with fibres such as hemp, coconut and agave.

We can help you achieve the grade of fibre for the application and the transformation you require from different plants sources.

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