carbon neutral products

Carbon negative and carbon neutral materials that create effective solutions for fighting climate change.


Natural micronized pozzolan.
Lime binder compound.
100% Portland cement free.
High reactivity with lime.
Allows for different binder ratios.
Can achieve masonry IBC masonry compression standards.
Excellent thermal properties.
Extremely quick set.
25kg / 55lbs bag.


Hempcrete and Biocrete binder.
Ready mixed and ready to install.
Just add water and fibre.
No Portland cement added.
Compliance compression strength.
Excellent thermal properties.
Naturally quick set.
Allows for immediate removal of formwork or mould.
25kg / 55lbs bag.


Renewably sourced, carbon neutral rebar.
2x stronger and 4x lighter than steel rebar.

Bio-based FRP Rebar is a great leap forward in efficiency, strength, durability, and material sourcing. By utilizing, glass, basalt, and other natural fibers bound with a plant-based matrix specially designed for optimal properties and comparable in cost, the choice is clear.
Produced FREE of Volatile Organic Compounds.

Non-Corrosive, Long Lifespan Non-Conductive, Data usage Lightweight, Transportation and worker safety University Tested, 2x stronger tensile
4x lighter than normal steel Maintenance Free